♥'Sunday, May 10, 2009

My sis has officially got the "Pet Society Virus"...
She made popcorns for us and wrote this on the board..

Guess which one is the real one?? Hee...

2NE1 - Fire (Street & Space Ver.)(MV)
2NE1 is the new YG girls hiphop group.. They just released their new digital single and 2 version of the MV (Street and Space version).. Both MV are nice and their song "Fire" is super catchy.. I love the beat.~ What I was most impressed of this new group is their age.. The age gap between the eldest and youngest member is of 10 years differences.!! 2 members are 1984, and the other 2 are 1991 and 1994..

♥'Saturday, April 18, 2009

Afer School - Diva..

A'st1 - Yearning of the Heart

Rem to watch in HD!! muahahha..

♥'Monday, April 13, 2009

2PM - Again & Again MV Teaser!!!!
OMG.. I seriously cant wait for their mv and songs~

It's 2pm baby..~

♥'Friday, April 10, 2009

Wonder Girls - Now (Originally by Fin.K.L.)

This song is damn addictive..

My sis made MUFFINS...

And she wrote this on our shared board.. look how bias she is.. hahaha... she always do this..
My Dog enjoying his egg roll..

SHINee's Jonghyun & Ne-yo Duet - Because of you (fanmade)

I really love the beginning part..~ woo woo woooo~...



♥'Sunday, April 05, 2009


We kena put aeroplane by this pretty lady... wahahha.!!
so we have no where to go, so Ger suggested to play pool..
After pooling, we went Parco for Ajisen!!
Afer Dinner, we walked around to find spot to camwhore!!~ ehehehhe... managed to find a super nice place.. with mirrors, public phones and even sits... weeeee.~
Thanks ger for letting me step on her legs to sit up there..
Else we wouldnt have took so much nice photoss!! hehehe~
Ger trying to entertain herself.. Poser...
This is really the highest my leg can goess~
They started using the mirror, and im getting bored..
Nehmind, i take self pic.. wahahha! idiot face..
Me setting timer..
My turn to use the mirror!!!
We ended the day with some normal shots..~
We are all happy with the end result, don't we?

Wow, i spend quite sometime arranging these photos which has about 150 pics (my total folder files), i can't imagine myself blogging our Top 1 ktv session which consist of more than 250pics..!!! omgg..~

This is very interesting.. Tiny thai woman stands at only 41cm.. there's video of it too..